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About MPI

Our History

Morrison-Post Insurance Agency was established in 1889.
This Photo from 1916 shows the original John A. Symms building on the Nevada Square.

In the 1800’s an awareness developed that some sort of protection for personal property was needed.  This awareness created a need for an insurance agency to provide that protection.  At the time several insurance agencies were conceived, among them, the John A. Symms firm, which later became Morrison-Post Insurance Agency.

The Morrison-Post Agency was originated in the back of a wagon in the 1890s.  John A. Symms wrote one of his first policies with the Continental Insurance Company from the back of that wagon.  By 1900 Symms had leased office space at 117 1/2 North Main on the Nevada square.  Later his sons, Charles, G. Mel, and Ora Symms, joined the agency and moved it to 127 West Cherry on the square.  It was known as the John A. Symms & Sons until 1923.  At that time Alva J. Brant became partners with John Symms.  the name was changed to Symms & Brant until 1925, when W.W. Hooper bought in as a co-partner.  The community knew the agency as Symms & Hooper until 1928, when John Symms passed away.  In1936, W.W. Hooper sold the agency to Stephen Roy Rinehart, Sr. and John Morrison.  The partnership lasted only a couple of years, as Mr. Rinehart passed away in 1941.  John O. Morrison renamed the agency Morrison Insurance, and moved the office to 211 West Cherry, just off the square.  John Linden Post was hired in 1960 as an agent and office manager just before John Morrison passed away.  Linden bought the agency in 1961 and the name was changed to Morrison-Post Insurance Agency.

It became a family operation in 1979 when Ronda Post, Linden’s wife, joined the firm as a bookkeeper and agent to assist in office management.  Their son, Jeff, became involved in the business in 1982.  At that time they realized the need to incorporate and the charter was completed in April 1982.

Jeff’s wife, Gail, joined the family business in 1986 as a personal line agent and to help with bookkeeping.

Today the agency serves it’s clients with a networked computer system, Internet Web site, E-mail correspondence and more.  Though many changes have taken place in the past 100 years, the legacy of integrity and personal service, first envisioned by John Symms has carried through to the Post family.